Covenants Made Simple A Study and Discussion Guide written for church small groups. Designed to accompany Jonty Rhodes' 11-chapter book that concisely explains God's unfolding plan of salvation.

Read Me First Download and read this PDF for a quick overview of the International courses (below).

Benefits and Costs What if I decide to follow Jesus Christ? What are the benefits? What are the costs?

Colossians for Christians The Apostle Paul wrote a letter to those who only knew the basics about Christ. They needed to grow to spiritual maturity and needed protection from popular false teachings. A course for young Christians.

Dynamic Relationships Relationships give us meaning and purpose in life. In Confucian shaped cultures, key relationships (e.g., parent - spouse - ruler) define your place in life. How does the Gospel provide dynamic motives and goals for life's most important relationships?

God's Foreigners The people who belong to God, who are foreigners in this world, are those who bless the world.

God and Science An international asked, "I was taught to believe in science instead of God. Can I be a good scientist and believe in God?" Science can explain life's processes, but only the Bible reveals life's purposes.

Is there a Global God You Can Trust? Only the God revealed in the Bible and Jesus Christ, not the "gods," the "idols," or the false hopes that we make for ourselves, offer us real hope.

How to Pray A study of "The Lord's Prayer" - and what it teaches about the way we should approach God.

Life-Changing Conversations Real-life conversations between Jesus Christ and some remarkable, unlikely people from diverse backgrounds and cultures.

The Servant-Leader who Listens A closer look at the Servant-Leadership of Jesus Christ.

Study Guide to The Hope Video The Hope Video: The Story of God's Promise for All People, is an overview of the Bible story that is available in many languages from Mars Hill Productions. The RUF-I Study Guide can be used with the chapters of the movie.


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